I know first hand how Lisa's strategy & focus for each individual person helps us be successful. Because of her guidance & friendship i'm down over 90 lbs and within that last 14 months I didn't only run my first marathon but 3 of them. Lisa Tamburini is a gift to us that are willing to put in the work and trust her. And she's a fantastic friend. Gilda Boudreau

Gilda Boudreau

On December the 1st this past year I wanted to get myself back into shape after having been thru a couple of procedures in 2015. I sat down with the personal trainer Lisa Tamburini at the Mike Harbour Indoor Golf Center and I asked if she would bring back my strength as well as help we lose weight in the process. Lisa put me on a very easy way to diet and watch my calorie intake and put me on a strengthening program that was designed for me and what I wanted to achieve. Well after almost 5 months I have reached my 1st goal of desired weight loss(29 pounds) and physical strength that I believe is better than I was before the medical procedures that I went through. I cannot thank Lisa enough for not only setting a program of physical training that I can and still do but to make losing the weight more manageable and easy to follow, I now am ready to follow up and take it to my next goal(10) more pounds and a little bit stronger physically. Again thank you Lisa @Tamburini Golf Performance located at the Mike Harbour Indoor Golf Center in Johnston RI. Mike Harbour PGA Golf Pro

Mike Harbour

I have been training with Lisa Tamburini for the last 5 months. Since that time I have definitely gotten STRONGER!!! I have lost 20 pounds as well. The best thing about training with Lisa, is not only the varied exercises she uses but the constant motivation. She is tough, but at the same time gives me the confidence to continue and the encouragement to motivate me in a way that ensures my training will have the desired effect. I highly recommend Lisa Tamburini to anyone!!!!!

Jennifer Nemirow

Having worked with a number of trainers over the years I can say without reservation that Lisa Tamburini is by far the very best. She combines an encyclopedic knowledge of exercise science, with a genius for assessing individual needs, developing a personally customized work out plans and then providing ongoing, expert coaching. Her manner is always professional, positive, and encouraging and she comes up with endless variations in the workouts to help you stay challenged and engaged. I have been working with her for over a year and half and notice substantial improvement in my balance, flexibility, strength and overall physical health. Most importantly Lisa routinely conveys how she is genuinely invested in your success and knows exactly how to push you, encourage you, and acknowledge your progress.

Brion Carroll

Lisa is terrific. I am in my mid-60s and have never been good about exercise. A medical scare made me realize I had to get in shape. Friends recommended Lisa. She’s a great teacher—demanding, but patient. She knows a staggering number of routines. And she explains clearly what each exercise is for and how it is to be done. I’ve been able to see real progress—I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have.

Cynthia Brokaw

Lisa has guided me to a new level of strength, balance, endurance and weight loss. Her approach is anatomically and physiologically based. It is healthy and helps avoid injury. She is a gem in the unregulated world of personal training.

Robert Naparstek, MD

I have been training with Lisa for more than two years. She is a constant source of motivation, as exercising is not one of my favorite activities. She keeps things interesting by varying my workouts and by challenging me. I look better, feel stronger and am even able to exercise on the same level with my very fit, 35-year-old daughter.

Judi Roth